Ana Carrasco


Brand identity and web design

Ana Carrasco is an illustrator from Málaga. Currently based in Madrid, she loves minimalism, clarity and simplicity. Her work includes a wide range of illustration techniques, from color pencils to watercolor. She needed a full branding design to boost her business and attract new customers.

The mission was to synthesize all her work, aesthetic and moral values in a combination of logo and colors as simple and peaceful as possible. Begining from there, the rest of the branding items, as well as the website, were developed according to this founding principles.

Ana asked for a very minimalistic logo which summed up her personality. It had to have a clear relation with her and be easily applicable over a wide range of backgrounds.

The solution proposed was the integration of all the three letters of her name in just two lines. These have an irregular outline that connect them with the stroke of a manually applied brush.

She asked for blue, calmed colors that could be read over white and dark backgrounds and, at the same time fitted well betwen them. To match the brand’s personality, a rounded typography was chosen in its light version.

The webpage goes along with the aesthetics of the brand. Its main target are middle age professional people without enough time to cook who want to enjoy quality food at the office, at home, etc.

It features a mixture of pleasant imagery and simple iconography. The display tries to be light and really ease to use.

She wished for a very, very simple website based on the white spaces and colors. Her request was that the page was inspired by others like mahstudio and differantly.

The site’s nucleus is a lightbox gallery which shows a series of Ana’s illustrations. Alongside, a brief bio, links to her social media, a contact form and a video from her Youtube channel complete the project.