Headphones & Earphones Company

Brand identity and web design

Bumpatch is a young company founded in 2015. After starting his dream from a small workshop, its CEO Mauro Giovino wanted to bootstrap his business by the rethinking of corporate identity and the creation of a new website for the brand.

The objective, therefore, was the creation of a whole visual ecosystem which fitted the brand’s core values. Colorful, daring, swaggy and loud where the instructions given to guide the process.

From that point on, the logo was created, colors and typographies chosen and many other elements which were in their turn reflected on the corporate webpage.

The logo was designed from a geometric approach with the intention of resembling an earphone while including some sort of relation with the name of the company. It had to convey the brand’s values in order to connect with a young and energetic customer.

The solution approved was that of a b shaped from a series of hexagons and rectangles. This b, in turn, encloses a u. That way, the logo contains the two initial letters of Bumpatch.

The colors needed to be very energetic and loud. The aesthetic tries to approach the stylish, forward-looking lifestyle of the new generation of music addicts.

The outcome is an electric red color with pink hints which, combined with its darker version, gives a vibrant gradient which perfectly fits the brand.

To go along with the previous visual decisions, the corporate typography selected was Work Sans in its light, regular and bold versions.

Then, the secondary logo, which includes the name of the company, became a reality. The M’s diagonal cuts the A left part, while the imagotype is position in the left side corner.

The webpage spins around very bright, impactful colors. The pictures follow the brand’s lookbook: urban characters with a vital, independent and provocative attitude. The photographies feature a slight glitch effect which completes this disruptive, daring look.

The site was developed with a 100% responsive mindset, starting with a mobile-first workflow and perfectly supporting all widths and resolutions.