Virtual Reality medical company

Web design

Foren is a company devoted to the rehabilitation of people with nervous system diseases. To treat them, they used their awarded Foren Method, which includes a series of techniques that make use of Virtual Reality environments.

They needed a complete website redesign to cope with the growing needs of their flourishing business. For this task they asked me to make use of WordPress, so they could edit at any time the texts, images, etc.

The center needed the creation of a platform to showcase online their job and to receive messages for potential customers. Foren was seeking the creation of a correct architecture of information, so it was clearly understandable and easy to find, in contrast with previous web experiences they have had.

Venture was the Wordpress theme chosen. The logo, colors, typography and images were given to me and I was in charge of its treatment.

The images were given a slight purple hue as well as the colors were soften. In almost every picture it was avoided to show openly the face of any patient.

Eventhough Venture made it quite easy to make the site responsive with its built-in media queries, some custom styles and breakpoints were added. The final result was a 100% user-oriented webpage.