Home-made food delivery company

Brand identity and web design

Nanabox is a brand born in 2017 which needed to see its personality reflected on a range of colors, images, etc. The core business of the company is the delivery of home-made food to homes and companies.

They comissioned me the ellaboration of the corporate visual rule book. It needed to transmit the charming sensation of grandma’s kitchen, that passion for detail and customer’s satisfaction.

Once that was achieved, the building of the website started.

The logo intended to transmit that charming, sweet feeling of grandma’s kitchen. And there is no better shape to express soft and pleasant emotions than a circle. That is why it was placed at the base of the whole logo design. From a series of them a smiliey grandma glancing at us emerged.

The colors chosen where tender and warm, not very saturated, to go along with the logo character. The typography (Nunito) is rounded as well.

For the graphic material, Comfortaa font is used instead, while images are applied a gradient map consisting of both claret and blue corporate colors.

The webpage goes along with the aesthetics of the brand. Its main target are middle age professional people without enough time to cook who want to enjoy quality food at the office, at home, etc.

It features a mixture of pleasant imagery and simple iconography. The display tries to be light and really ease to use.

The site was developed with the mindset of an app, as the company intention was to build one of its own in the near future and be that way present in Google Play and App Store.